Pottery Painting while Social Distancing

Need a cure for cabin fever?  A Star Glazers DIY pottery painting kit is just the thing!  The pieces still get glazed and fired!  Remember Mother’s Day is coming!
Here’s how it works
      • We coordinate a time I can place the kit on your porch.  I can walk you through it in person (from 6 ft) or on the phone.
      • I pick everything up later to process.
      • Once the pieces are glazed and fired, I return them to you.
Here’s what it costs
      • Minimum 8 pieces painted OR $72. Many people are sharing the kit with a friend, relative or neighbor to split the cost.
      • Price is by the piece and they start at $9. You tell me the upper cap (highest price piece is $40).
Here’s what is in the kit
      • It includes 2 tubs.  One tub has the most popular colors, brushes, water bowls, etc.
      • The 2nd tub includes a dozen or so in-stock pieces to choose from in your specified price range.
      • My inventory changes daily so I cannot keep a current catalog.  Please tell me if you have any preferences, like functional, animals, banks, etc.  I include a nice variety, so it’s just like walking into one of the stores and you get to shop!
      • You just paint and pay for the pieces you want and return the rest.

Call 513-474-6364 or email ann@starglazers.com to reserve your date for kit delivery.

Stay well,